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Before visiting our salvage yard and purchasing a part, please look over the following information. If you have any further questions about policies or warranties, please give us a call.

Warranty Information


  1. Part Warranty

    • 30 day warranty on all parts​

      • A 30% fee will be charged for all non-defective parts that are returned​

      • Refunds are not permitted for "as is" parts

      • Warranty is void if the core is not returned within 5 days

        • For the following parts, a core will be charged if a core is not brought at the time of purchase:​ engine, transmission, battery, radiator, alternator, gear box, rack & pinion, AC compressor, AC condenser, transmission cooler, motor oil cooler, drive shafts

  2. Service Warranty

    • If your car happens to malfunction due to the part that was purchased from us, we will tow your vehicle for free within Austin city limits

    • We will remove and replace the part affected free of charge within the warranty time period

    • No deductibles or fees

    • Customer must show proof of an oil change that was done every 3,000 miles or 3 months after the part was installed

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