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Before visiting our salvage yard and purchasing a part, please look over the following information. If you have any further questions about policies or warranties, please give us a call.

Yard Polices


  1. One person per group at a time allowed in the back yard

  2. Vest required for entrance to the back (vest will be provided)

  3. You must be granted access by the front desk before going to the back

  4. No vehicles are allowed in yard unless granted access ahead of time

  5. No kids allowed in the back yard

  6. No open-toed shoes allowed

  7. No outside tools allowed (we are a full-service yard and have part-pullers available to assist you)

  8. Customer parking is outside of first gate only

  9. We are not responsible for damage to your vehicle while it is on our yard

*Note: We do have two pet dogs that freely roam our yard. They are very friendly, but please bring your pets at your own discretion.

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